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content that is somewhere in-between Act 5 and LoL in terms of difficulty

Hello, so i have recently 100%'d Act 5 and i'm stuck with nothing to do. "But you haven't finished LoL yet." some might say. That's true. But i don't have the resources to commit to that yet. "Then FARM units!" you might say. Yes, i'm doing that, but it gets boring and repetitive. I want content that is sort of like LoL but requires less of a time and resource commitment. Like maybe a path that has 50% less opponents than the average LoL path. Or better yet, a system where i can go and fight an enemy on a path, then quit, but have my progress saved. That would be amazing. And it is more profitable too because on average a person is more willing to buy small packs of units than commit to expensive packs of units. It's a similar concept to selling a car to a person and allowing him to pay for it on a monthly basis. In the end, he ends up paying more than if he had paid for it fully from the get go.


  • charaderdude2charaderdude2 Posts: 1,530 ★★★
    Have you 100%Ed Acts 1 to 4?Rol?

    If yes=Ignore this comment
    If no=Omigosh boi,you need to get hustlin'
  • LovingkidLovingkid Posts: 330 ★★
    They should give Uncollected special challenges giving 5* Awakening gems yhats what im looking for 4* awakening gem are useless for end game players
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