Parry bug [Not a Bug]

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I fight vs black widow in Aq and when i try to parry i see the word "parry" but she not stunned. The node not have immunity debuff
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  • Player111Player111 Posts: 29
    Because she was duped. Its her ability! See her discription.
  • Killer92Killer92 Posts: 56
    If is the ability of black widow why for example vs spiderman not see the word "evade" and in aq i see parry if not active parry ?
  • This is correct. Parry has multiple effects. The most noticeable of which is that it can stun the opponent on a successful parry, but it also reduces the blocked damage that you receive when you successfully parry an attack.

    Black Widow can reduce the ability accuracy of your attacks, making it possible to still have the damage reduction from a parry, but the stun may not happen. This is why you still see the Parry callout.
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