Modok - increased autoblock in aw bug?

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Firstly i'll say that my game has loads of glitches for some reason, mainly since update.
- sometimes when i press block or parry my champ (even when i am holding it down and not under attack) doesnt respond. (Yes tried wiping screen, washing hands, and a restart tends to stop it).
- i click on fight but it just highlights the button, but will not move to the fight screen so i cant enter any fights without a phone restart.

The newest one though is this. I took the holy trinity into aw (blade, stark spidey +gr) and came to the boss fight. It was an r4 5* modok.

My 5/65 5* blade normally cuts through them. Previously one shotted all modok in aw, act 5.4, event quest, etc.

For some reason although it said danger sense, it didnt seem to work. Modok nearly always got an autoblock up stopping my attack. It was definitely not working. I used three revives to take 98% of his health down. Blades damage was also nowhere near his normal crit rate with dangersense. Has anyone else come across this? This is the first time it has happened (and first modok aw boss post update).

P.s. I have been using blade for ages and know his fights normally go. I have done 5.4 100%, ROL, RTTL and am working on getting LOL 100% so i am not a new player.


  • StrStr Posts: 547 ★★
    This is statistically likely. At best Danger Sense reduces Ability Accuracy by 58%. MODOK can increase his own Ability Accuracy by up to 25% based on Flux. So basically you just got unlucky with your coin flips.

    I have had times when it didnt work as well, but 4 fights in a row not getting it. I admit it is statistically possible and could be the reason but my crits were a lot lower than normal (well over 1k less) which i cant think of an explanation for.
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