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Inequity Status?



  • mydnightmydnight Posts: 671 ★★★
    Still broken....oh, not surprised.
  • Wally_WooferWally_Woofer Posts: 175
    @MavRCK_ let us know how it goes....I periodically tried the same thing with PS and it seemed like each time I did it less and less was acknowledged wrong with it, despite screenshots of mods explaining it. End result = closed ticket and me still out a ton of units for nothing. MD changes gave hope that it can be reconciled, but only time will tell.
  • MavRCK_MavRCK_ Posts: 469 ★★★
    @Wally_Woofer That's exactly what happened with me. They replied then closed the file. Worst was the generic form they sent asking for info on which fights, characters, dates, etc. It's like they never read my request nor these threads - they explicitly said they could find no documentation.. yet here we are.
  • Zuko_ILCZuko_ILC Posts: 1,504 ★★★★★
    MavRCK_ wrote: »
    Whoops! I meant to post this comment on this thread and did it on another thread by accident. Since NYC Comic Con is this week, it brought back from great memories: like winning 3000 units! Anyways, my comment is this:

    Last year I was at Nyc Comic Con and met the cool devs there and we discussed inequity and how great it was with blade. I feel disappointed that all these 1.5+ years inequity mastery has been broken or nonfunctional. I just sent support a request for a refund of the units and cores. I think it’s a reasonable request considering inequity’s expense and duration of nonfunction. I’d like to spend the units on something different or the cores on other masteries like scouter lens.

    Maybe you can bring it up to them again this year and say hey guys its been a year of this broken mastery any chance you can fix it. Maybe they forgot with all the other issues they've had? I dunno.
  • Wally_WooferWally_Woofer Posts: 175
    edited October 2018
    I wouldn't even care if they fixed it.... If they refunded the massive amount of units that I sank in it. Buy crystals.... Naw, that's gambling.... Invest in masteries was supposed to be the smart play.... But more and more they are broken and your investment is held hostage. After seeing how they did MD, I have to add the worry of whether I gifted something in exchange for cores.
  • MavRCK_MavRCK_ Posts: 469 ★★★
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Wolf You guys have been pretty busy with NYCC - any chance there’s a possible update on this issue? Thanks!
  • TeamMeanGreenTeamMeanGreen Posts: 37
    edited November 2019
    I would also like to know why the “fix” was dropped.
  • https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/45077/upcoming-bug-fix-inequity-mastery-updated

    Fix was announced by Mike, and then cancelled hours before rollout.
  • All we are asking for is a 36% attack damage reduction that was promised to help combat your FIVE HUNDRED percent attack bonus for defenders
  • #Inequity- a lack of justice
  • Wally_WooferWally_Woofer Posts: 175
    edited November 2019
    @TeamMeanGreen they just expect us to forget. They get mean if you remind them. I'd sure like my units back.

    If you drum up enough attention, they'll redirect this to a closed post on the subject and close this one. If you open another, then they'll warn you for bumping or something. Nevermind that you've spent $ to but thousands of units for masteries that they tanked. Not enough people interested = Kabam letting it die on the vine.

    Sometimes they will discuss it with you in PM. Once you find the whole in their argument that ends abruptly too.
  • @Wally_Woofer we have every right to be mean about it ourselves, and should make sure that they don’t forget about it.
  • Wally_WooferWally_Woofer Posts: 175
    @TeamMeanGreen I rambled on in some edits....I'm also a victim of PS....so I can be quite salty when it comes to broken masteries.
  • JimmyBJimmyB Posts: 206 ★★

    @TeamMeanGreen I rambled on in some edits....I'm also a victim of PS....so I can be quite salty when it comes to broken masteries.

    I agree! It's been over 2 years that ps and inequity been broken. All we want is our resources back! GIVE US OUR RESOURCES BACK!
  • RakeYoungRakeYoung Posts: 472 ★★★
    Whats wrong with Inequity?

    i've been thinking about unlocking it but might have to hold off if it isnt working.
  • Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,936 ★★★
    We don't have any information related to any changes to Inequity at this time.
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