iPhone login issues

I’ve been trying to login the last 2 hours on my iPhone and I can’t get in, I’ve tried cell and WiFi connection and restarting my phone. Would seem a little ridiculous to uninstall and reinstall and other iOS users having issues.


  • Juan3sJuan3s Posts: 84
    Same here, except I have an iPad Air 2. Yes I checked my internet connection, no I don't have a data connection. I am running iOS 11.2.5. Did I forget anything?
  • Juan3sJuan3s Posts: 84
    Someone in my alliance was having these issues but I was fine for about an hour while I was questing the new challenge. Then I saw others in the alliance received their SA awards, so I tried to close and reopen the app and haven't been able to get back in since I restarted the app.
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