Clicking ‘Help’ tab in arena for arena grinders

L3pa_DL3pa_D Posts: 43
edited April 2018 in General Discussion
Please look into and implementing some change to clicking help button on each and every champ in arena...arena is already quite tedious and monotonous not to mention time consuming but clicking help buttons seems to be trumping that..
Maybe if people are in an alliance, the champs are automatically added in ‘help’ mode and don’t have to click on each and every champ, or one click help button for all champs, or the champs that can be clicked for ‘help’ are bottom of pile rather then top.

Thank you for reading.


  • SuperSam57SuperSam57 Posts: 313
    Agree and also fix the issue with clicking off the 5* champs then later when reopening the game you have to click them off again.
  • RivahRivah Posts: 17
    Totally agree helping can be made much easier from both sides
    help button has too much bugs after each 10-15 hits it stops working
  • Nick0609Nick0609 Posts: 62
    why isnt there a help all button in the alliance tab and a request all tab in the arena?
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