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5* Cosmic Rank-Up poll (r3 --> r4) :: Medusa vs. Hyperion ::

SevSynSevSyn Posts: 64
edited April 2018 in Strategy and Tips
current progression completed: RoL & 5.1 (100%), 5.2 (initial clear)

Content Focus moving forward: Act 5.3 & 5.4 --> then eventually Elder's Bane

Current & Relevant 5*s:
r4: Blade (unduped), Quake(unduped)
r3: Archangel (Duped), Dr. Voodoo (Unduped), Ghost Rider(Unduped), X-23 (Unduped)
r2: Gwenpool (Duped), Dormammu (Duped)

Relevant 4*s r5 Max Sig:
Spider-Man (SE)
Dr. Voodoo
Ghost Rider
Scarlet Witch

Looking to build a Roster to tackle Elder's Bane & LoL 100% (eventually)....
I'm in a super casual alliance (Bronze 1) ... so resources are extremely tight... we only run 1 battle group, only 3 members have a Base Rating over 200,000

so if you had to pick a minimum number of champions for the above goals, using the synergy of the above roster (I have the majority of other 4*s, just not ranked above r3/r4...): Who would you rank-up and WHY?

Thank you in advance, and please post input/reasons below...

5* Cosmic Rank-Up poll (r3 --> r4) :: Medusa vs. Hyperion :: 4 votes

5* Medusa (Sig 33) r3 --> r4
Kenny292VartoxJulius_SeizureIBlueShiftI 4 votes
5* Hyperion (Sig 33) r3 --> r4
Other option (comment below if able) ... e.g. "Wait for a Blade dupe" "Rank-up ArchAngel to r4 instead" ... "wait for duped 5* Spark even though you have 5/50, 99 4* Spark" ... etc
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