Need an active & laid back alliance that uses line

Seeking an active alliance that is focused in aq, aw, and hits SA. I will also need line to be a requirement. You can contact me on line by the name fcknonames.


  • FightOn84FightOn84 Posts: 26
    FST80 is a laid back active alliance that might fit what you are looking for. We use Line to communicate. Take a look at our group and see what you think. Screename is same on forum and Line.
  • Cross__HawkCross__Hawk Posts: 126
    We need ONLY ACTIVE PLAYERS around lvl 50 with at least 11 4* champs rank 4 lvl 40 or 5* champs rank 2 lvl 35 OR HIGHER (to be locked in AQ and AW).
    We offer you 3 wars per week and 5 AQ per series, map or even
    For more info add me on Line App:
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