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Event Quest Energy Change Suggestion

I wanted to post a suggestion for Kabam regarding energy required for completing event quests. I’ve been playing the game for about 3 years, and back when Event Quests first we’re introduced, they were really fun and exciting! But they were not monthly; they were more sporadic. Overtime, they became monthly, but even then, they didn’t dominate all your time and energy. You could still run catalysts quests, ROL, LOL, or story mode. Then master mode and eventually uncollected difficulty were added. And now, with the infinity chaos event being almost 1100 energy more to 100% all difficulties (with chaos rifts, we need to 100% even beginner mode this month) than any previous event quest, DESPITE Kabam Mike claiming the energy requirements haven’t changed much, it’s just too much. There is ZERO wiggle room for doing any other content outside of event quest, and I still have to throw in several energy refills, especially this month. It’s gotten out of hand.

Currently, each event quest is 3 chapters, each difficulty, with the following energy cost per difficulty, separated by chapter:
Beginner: 1,1,2
Normal: 1,2,3
Heroic: 1,2,3
Master: 1,2,3
Uncollected: 2,2,3

And the number of paths in chapter 3 ranges between 6 and 8 paths each part! Honestly, at this state of the game, it’s SO tedious, SO repetitive, and makes it too hard to do ANYTHING other than event quests, unless you drop 20-30 energy refills per month. And the fact that Normal mode takes as long to complete as master? It’s absurd.

I think Kabam needs to make the following energy changes:

Energy costs by difficulty:
Beginner: 1,1,1
Normal: 1,1,2
Heroic: 1,2,2
Master: 1,2,3
Uncollected: 2,2,3

Also, the number of paths should be reduced and fixed as follows, for both parts of each chapter:

Chapter 1: 3 paths each part
Chapter 2: 4 paths each part
Chapter 3: 5 paths each part

The overall cost to 100% beginner - uncollected should be brought down to about 4500 energy.

I love the event quests. They keep the game fresh and offer exciting challenges. However, they dominate all you energy each month, and on months like April, with chaos rifts, celebrity challenges, and the new Trials event coming, there is no way to farm catalyst events or do any other content without spending tons of units on refills. And most of all, more than anything, it gets BORING. You think it’s fun running chapter 3 normal mode at 3 energy per tile, with like 7-8 very long paths? Very tedious.

Please consider something like this Kabam. Event quests energy use has not compensated for the added difficulties and added content to the game. It’s just ballooning out of control. And soon that balloon will pop, and people will leave the game.

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