Knightmares are recruiting..need One

MrvKn are looking for 1 skilled player. Last Season Plat 3 -157 we are making a push for Plat 2
Aq 5x5 top 300 (non free weeks) Completion only required event
Minimum Prestige is 6500
Must have 5* r3 or stronger defenders
Gatorslam on line
PM me if Interested


  • GatorSlam_MrvKnGatorSlam_MrvKn Posts: 151
    We need to players that are ready to move up to plat 2 and I said we are looking for skilled players..
    With the current state of AW and the emphasis on attack bonus. we will make changes to the roster if play is not up to a platinum level or higher.
    It is unfortunate but true.
  • GatorSlam_MrvKnGatorSlam_MrvKn Posts: 151
    We have found a replacement! Thank you for all of those that have contacted me.
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