Experienced Skilled Player 5328 prestige (prestige is gonna go up sharply in a bit)

Prestige 5328
Top 5 champs: 4/55 Blade sig 177, 6* storm, 5* 4/55 X23, 4* sig 78 Mordo, 4* Phoenix sig 79(1 cosmic stone away from 20 cosmic stones and I will take her to sig 99)

Planned Rankups to boost prestige: R5 5* blade, take 5* duped Hyperion to R4, take 5* Gwenpool to R4.

Looking for:
Map 5x5 Expert Bracket
AW: Tier 1-4, at least Gold 1

Year and a half of map 5 exp
Some map 6 exp
Lots of experience in high level AW

IGN: clcubing
Line id: clcubing


  • clcubingclcubing Posts: 29
    Update: I have accepted an invitation from an alliance. Thank you to all who reached out. I appreciate the interest.
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