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Dark Artifacts

So we get a little under 2k of the dark artifacts from clearing all the dungeon milestones. But the 5* crystals are 27k and on a 6 day timer... I’m no mathematician but I believe 2k x 6 = 12k. So where else are we getting dark artifacts from or is the timer not correct?


  • The crystals will rotate every six days , you will have 3 crystals from where to chose , after I did my math with 1350 that I got , I would be able to get 2 5 stars crystals if not wrong
  • HotNicksHotNicks Posts: 8
    Ok I must’ve missed that they were rotating
  • CliffordcanCliffordcan Posts: 1,338 ★★★★
    What’s up with only being able to buy one of each 5* crystal???
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