No 1 0r 2 star champs in basic arena?

Rubber99Rubber99 Posts: 5Member
Is this a bug? i have always sandbagged 10-15 to get my streak using a 1star in each match. Now i can only select 3 and 4 star champs.


  • DropfaithDropfaith Posts: 59Member
    Sounds like maybe a bracket change how long you been playing
  • Rubber99Rubber99 Posts: 5Member
    edited June 20
    Nevermind...brain fart. i was thinking about the t4b arena. :#
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 1,028Member
    The worst is when you're running 3 Arenas and forget which one you tapped. You can really ruin a Streak that way. Lol.
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