Locked in Dungeon.......

so about 25min ago i started a dungeon with a guy from global.... everything was going well until he got on chat and told me he was already in the dungeon?? while i'm still in the dungeon lobby?? fix this kabam i am currently stuck as is he.. we are stuck in the dungeons without anyway out. i tried closing my game and going back in but not working.... its bad enough that it takes ummmm i don't know a week to refresh a 5* but i cant even exit the current one. we need a correct fix to this "clown fiesta" of a situation. FYI i recorded the situation as it transpired so i got proof.


  • CAD07CAD07 Posts: 83
    Update: so we got out... FINALLY! but now the champs i was using are missing... FIX IT !!!!
  • Beholder_VBeholder_V Posts: 190
    Ya, had a similar experience with someone in my alliance. After several app kills we finally synced back up, but the timer was down to under a minute and we had no way to finish in time. Really not sure why the need for such a short timer on something that is just being introduced and bound to have technical issues that need worked out.....
  • ZzzZzz Posts: 154
    I just being locked outside the room and my friend was inside the room.
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