Upcoming Changes to Infinity Dungeons Events [Updated May 25th 10:23 am PT]


We would like to thank you all for your insights and feedback surrounding the Bracketing of Milestones in Infinity Dungeons. We understand that the decisions we made surrounding the brackets and our choice to obfuscate the exact milestone cutoffs have not been very popular, and have caused many of you some confusion.

While we had reasons for bracketing the milestones and the crystals, as well as not releasing the information about specific Prestige levels, we did not explain those to you very well, and we would like to make that right.

The Dark Artifact rewards in this mode are not meant to help you progress, so much as they are meant to help you add to your collection at the level of progression you’re already at. The Crystals that you may purchase with Dark Artifacts are meant to align with the tier of Champions that you’re currently on, and are meant to help you flesh out your team by being able to have a little bit more control over which Champion you’d like to take a chance at to add to your roster. These Crystals offer a 1 in 10 chance at any Champion that is contained within. This is a relatively high chance at adding a specific Champion to your team.

As for why we did not reveal the Prestige data that these rewards and Milestones are gated by, this is a little bit more complicated. Prestige is not the perfect measure of a player’s level of progression, and is a metric that we are looking to improve upon in the future. Prestige is not displayed anywhere in game, although we know that there are multiple community made calculators out there that reveal that information, though not with complete accuracy. We will be revealing the prestige information for all of the brackets today, but because all of the calculators that can be used to find this are not completely accurate to what the actual in game number is, please take the personal prestige data they give you with a grain of salt.

In addition to sharing this information with you, after gathering your feedback, we started to analyze our data and found that these Milestones, and the brackets that we created at the top end, are not where we would like them to be. We will be making the following change to the brackets for the upcoming Infinity Dungeon event that starts at 12 pm PST on Saturday, April 28th.

We are going to be combining the Top 2 Brackets, giving access to Dark Artifacts and Infinity Dust for Summoners above 4200 Prestige that did not meet the 5500 threshold. We have also added a 6th Milestone at the original 7500 point threshold. This does mean that some of the earlier milestones have less Infinity Dust than before, but is still a net gain from the previous 4200-5500 Prestige Bracket.

We also found that Summoners in the top bracket were spending more time to hit the last milestone than we had intended. To help Summoners reach higher milestones quicker, we’ve also increased the points you earn from running Difficulty 6 Infinity Dungeons.

Here is a chart of the complete Milestones and Brackets for the Infinity Dungeons Events going forward.


While we cannot do away with the brackets for these events all together, we expect that this will open the rewards up to a majority of our Summoners that are at the point of progression in the game that we intended these rewards for.

Thank you once again for all of your feedback, and your patience as we worked to address your concerns.
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