Stronger of the 2 , proxima vs corvus

Which is stronger 5*R4 dupped proxima or 5*R4 dupped corvus


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    Technically Proxima has the higher damage output BUT this comes from completing all her missions and getting her to a 100 hit combo so she's a great option for LOL and long fights but she is difficult to play with. Corvus on the other hand, requires multiple fights to gain his true damage potential but unlike proxima his damage output can come right away so he's the better one for short fights as he's guaranteed critical hits at the beginning.

    So really based on what your needs are, but imo I would rather have corvus from what I've seen.
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    Depends on the fight, short fights Corvus, long fights Proxima. Personally I’d love both in a team so I can use Corvus for the basic opponents and Proxima for the boss.
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    Haha I personal feel proxima could be use in alliance war offence , easily earn 2 prowess and just sp2 , most opponents just melt
  • XxicylovexXXxicylovexX Posts: 91
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