Competitively Chilled

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If you are one or more of the following then we have a home for you.......
1. End game player, tired of grinding AQ for t4cc frags
2. Solid player that wants to achieve Uncollected or Elders Bane Status but all your top champs are always looked up
3. Want to retire but love the game too much to commit to quiting lol
4. Want to enjoy a game you love with like minded comrades

We are AQ map 3x5. Keep your gold, resources and top champs. Get those needed t1a for rank ups. And dont have to check AQ everytime you blink, burp or fart lol.

War focus. We are new but our core is Gold 1/2 so while we are relaxed, in war we are very organized and serious. At the end of the day war and quest rewards are where the real goodies are.

U.S. based but as long as you use line and communicate we can make it work.

Remember this is a game and not a part time or full time job lol
Line ID 2760st


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