Looking for aliance full m4 and m3 gold or silver

Im looking for an alliance who can do minimoum all milesstones from aq event, Im very active player, play a lot of arena. play between 3 or 7 hours day minimum, im from Brazil, have line app, my main heroes are 5 star Blade r3, 4 star medeusa r4 duped, 4 star luke cage r5 duped, 4 star rank 4 hyperion duped, 4 star doctor voodo r4,, 5 star ghost rider r2, 4 star mephisto r3, have enough to do aq and aw at same time, average heroes rate 100 k, im always here cause none of the alliances who invited me could do the milesstones from aq so i cant progress in the game without the glory to buy stuff, so im opened to an active aliance.


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    my name in game DIanaAmazona
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    AncientrelicAncientrelic Posts: 34
    Check out rogue1 (erso1) We are rebuilding, however we are very active. Just need to find the right people to help us make it to the next level. Talk to jhouser
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    PgeorgePgeorge Posts: 11
    My alliance runs AQ map 4 x5 and then once a month map 5,5,4,4,4. We finished last season as gold 3. We are a fun alliance that plays as much as we can but balance it with our lives. If interested, let me know ign is pgeorge30
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    DanceDance Posts: 6
    Message me on line please. Kapsdan1
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