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So I get you cant swear and what have you because it's a game kids play. But it censored "you pick a side" when I was in the dungeon. I mean what's it picking up that wrong there? Can you take a look at what is being ######### out please it's a bit ridiculous.
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    "take a hit" got censored in mine. Really, there was no 's' there, I wrote it twice and got censored both times
  • Hi there! The in-game chat censor is constantly evolving. The chat filter
    looks for both single words as well as phrases that may be questionable. As there may be users as young as 13 playing and utilizing the chat, this means that the main Global rooms will be a bit more strict than one-on-one chats.

    To help our team with suggestions for adjustments to the chat censor, please include the entire text that was entered. While we can't guarantee that certain changes to the filter will be made, getting your feedback is helpful! You're welcome to provide the information here, or submit directly to our Support Team.

    If you need to report something that seems as if it SHOULD have been censored and was not, please don't post that in the forums. Instead, please assist by reporting users via the chat tool in-game – and for those more severe cases, reporting via a support ticket.

    Click here to read more about Reporting inappropriate behavior.
  • Bucky22Bucky22 Posts: 36
    You pick a side. That's all that was wrote in the message . It was the 1st message I wrote to my teammate in the dungeon. Blocked out twice
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    As there may be users as young as 13 playing and utilizing the chat, this means that the main Global rooms will be a bit more strict than one-on-one chats.

    You're kidding yourself if you don't think there's kids younger than 13 playing this game.
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    The chat censor is ridiculous.

    This is in the dungeon yesterday 5/29
    Game and iOS are up to date



  • stakstak Posts: 88
    I had some odd phrases get censored on Saturday.

    "want me" - as in "do you want me to take the left" and yes only the "want me" part was censored

    "champs in" - I could maybe understand why "want me" could need to be censored but "champs in?"
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    The word "role" is also censored. Most of the censors are plain asinine
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    The filter is pretty random. You can say it's constantly evolving, but when one person says something and it gets censored, then another person says the exact same thing, word for word, letter for letter, and in the same chat and it doesn't get censored.....

    I've given up trying to understand it. I've been playing online games since they came into existence and this is hands-down the worst attempt at a filter I've ever seen.

    Edit: Funny example, one of our alliance members is named Jerkface. It's his name. He was allowed to set that as his name. You see it every time he types a message. But I can't say his name in any chat :D And aside from the absolute ridiculousness of that scenario, I mean what age kid can't handle the word "jerk" or "jerkface"? You should visit an elementary school and listen to what these kids say to each other......
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