Are you ready for AWS.2?! Join Here!

We are primed and ready here at SB E but we need a couple players to fill in gaps in one of our bgs.

Must be:
5700+ prestige
active and motivated in game
skilled and experienced in tier 3 wars

The DL:
AQ map 5 only - lets get real, top 300 in aq holds little value anymore as t4c is too easily obtained and the reward value is old and stale. start value is 6200+

Donations - GOLD 100K, BC 30M, LOYALTY 12.5K
No need for high donations while running map 5 only!
save those extra resources for awesome rank ups that help you and the ally!

AW - Tier 3 bracket with 2370 rating.

3-day events - no minimums, just help us hit that bottleneck resource milestone and everyone is happy!

Questions? Interests? Im on CHQ and line
CHQ ID: wont load so I can't copy/paste
LINE ID: mrchristmas726


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