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AW: "weight classes"

I'm a huge fan of combat sports (boxing, mma, etc.) and I was thinking.....wouldn't it be awesome to have "weight classes" in alliance war?

Now before you go ballistic, no i am not suggesting that we change the existing AW system.

What i'm suggesting is to have alliances an opportunity to play another alliance war in addition to the regular one, but this special AW will have a "weight class" limitation. For instance, an AW that's limited to 3* 4/40s as the highest star rating and rank. In this case the alliance will have to select from a list of weight classes.

Now some might ask: "Wouldn't this be confusing, running 2 wars at the same time?" Yes, maybe for some people. But as a person who enjoys alliance war and couldn't get enough of it, i think it would be an awesome, interesting experience.

An additional benefit of this system is up and coming talent can be scouted out more easily since the weight class system will definitely show who is the more skilled alliance or player.

If in doubt if this could be a good piece of content, maybe Kabam could run it for 1 month only then gather feedback as to whether the community wants this to be a regular thing.


  • DiirxDiirx Posts: 48
    I could see liking this but not exactly as you suggest. I personally would not want to run 2 wars at the same time. Instead I’d like to see seasons be one month on one month off. In the off month a “weight class” war would be fun.
  • Primmer79Primmer79 Posts: 2,957 Guardian
    Call it "Alliance Challenges". Every time it comes around there's a new theme. "3* Wars" or "Science Wars" or something.
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