Need ally

I have experience in playing map 3 and 4 (have low rating coz i sold lot of my champs), i have line too


  • GokuAmarGokuAmar Posts: 19
    B34ch - ally tag do join
  • Thunder5715Thunder5715 Posts: 94
    Add me on line at thunder5715 if you are still looking
  • Ajent_KDAjent_KD Posts: 38
    If you see my post in the recruitment forum for We Slay Monsters, we are an active but relaxed Alliance. We complete AQ and AW. We’re a new Alliance, but we’re progressing quickly.

    It’s super relaxed and fun and you still get to progress.

    You can either look at my post (recently bumped it) or contact me on Line at ajent_line, or in game at Ajent KD
  • M1k0rinM1k0rin Posts: 378
    Thank you guys, i already got good ally :)
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