Mystic Champion Scarcety

I noticed the recent arena for a 4 star Mephisto has been the first to feature a Mystic in a while. Does anyone know why that is? Is this just because there haven’t been that many new Mystics? I’m badly in need of a Mystic as my best is a maxed Thor Jane Foster 3 star.


  • RixobRixob Posts: 505 ★★
    There is only 17 Mystics in the game, least out of all the classes. But they are arguably still the strongest class. But i agree we need more mystics
  • Ploop_PlaapPloop_Plaap Posts: 141
    Hmm. Perhaps a Scarlett Witch (Infinity War) would be good addition to the mystic roster. The current comic Scarlett Witch not only looks very different from the Cinematic version, but has different powers/ special attacks than I imagine a MCU version would be. Plus, as the character seems to be continually becoming more and more important to the movies, it seems like a good idea to me. I don’t know the current champions that are in line to come out, and if this is something rumored already, though. I don’t know who they’d release her with, maybe an X-Men Quicksilver, not that it would make much sense, but I would be fine with it.
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