Dungeon match making

I had another problem.... a freeloader.

I loaded in my R4 4*, dungeon 4. Just wanted to play few rounds and get to my target milestone.

And i was matched by a person with 1 4* R4 and 2 4* R3. Fair enough.

But when we went into the room, i notice that he is NOT FIGHTING, JUST WAIT THERE and wait for me to finish room 1 and get the free points....

I was so upset that I decided not to finish the room and no one get the points.

Can Kabam do something with it?

Like impose a point penalty for people didn't move/fight? negative point? And also my champs should not be subject to cool down.

And we should have an option on whether to pair up with others and freedom to choose dungeon based on the matched.

@Kabam Miike


  • FingerPicknGoodFingerPicknGood Posts: 44
    Freeloading is a problem. Maybe we shouldn’t receive a cooldown penalty if the partner doesn’t get 2 kills in the first room?

    I’m seeing a lot of people jump into dungeon 5 with 3/30 champs, and I think they may be expecting a “boss killer” to carry them.

    I do think having a “lobby” step where you can try to do some basic communication, change your troops, etc, with an option to back out is a good idea.
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