MSoD rebuilding from the ground up!


Recently, my alliance fell apart as many of our key members wanted to find a stronger alliance including the previous leader, leaving me with 10 people left in the alliance currently. I'm in the process of rebuilding our alliance from the ground up.

We are currently looking for as many people to join as possible at the moment. (If anyone wants to do a merger please message me on LINE, but keep in mind I'd like to continue in this current alliance).

For AQ our prestige is currently at 3,583 and run map 43333 until further notice (when we get stronger members). As of right now we only have 2-3 boss killers.

Last season our alliance placed in Silver 2 and our war rating is at 1,018. Once we have enough members we will constantly be running wars when they're available.

Right now, my only requirements are that you are active and that you must have LINE. This is our main form of communication, which you will need to join at least two chats: General Chat and Announcements. You may keep general chat muted for the most part.

If interested please message me on LINE (ID: Naxcila) or on the game (username the same) and I will get back to you when I can!

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