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Can't log in again [Merged Threads]



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    baokhangbaokhang Posts: 20
    edited May 2018
    Same issue. I can't log in my main account while other account ok. Please fix it. I miss arena and other quest. My name in game is lucky0009
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Rose
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    DaddioDaddio Posts: 6
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    DaddioDaddio Posts: 6
    Why check the connection when everything else on the internet to includ other games and apps are working??????????
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    Same problem here for over 4 hours, goodbye chance at Corvus Glaive and hello boredom and anger! Kabaamed once again. Galaxy S9+
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    OzzieontOzzieont Posts: 237
    edited May 2018
    Im having the same problem i cant log in into my account ozzieont but my other account (is v) is working fine on my tablet so i try to log in ozzieont in the tablet and is not possible the disconnection message keeps popping up @KabamAhab
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    XangoXango Posts: 2
    Uninstalling and reinstalling works until i sign in to my Kabaam account and then get the error. 5 hours now. After reinstall it will work on new account.
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    TrapavkoTrapavko Posts: 36
    Fixed for me. Good night sleep worked! Thx Kabam!
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    Hacker143Hacker143 Posts: 1
    Wt to do my mcoc not signing with google wt to do plz

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    lm2lm2 Posts: 24
    Hey Kabam,

    Weird issue here, about 7:20 central tonight I started having network issues on my iPhone and Android devices and it only seems to impact my main account (LM2), another account I have works fine, but that is on a different device, what I found is that on my android device I can do the following and play again for a period of time:

    Force Stop
    Clear Data/Cache
    Open game
    Select Language
    Continue Game
    Downloads a bunch of data
    Able to play for 15-20 minutes

    Pixel 2 XL
    Android 8.1.0 April security patch
    MCoC 18.0.1
    Same issue on wifi or cell

    This took a bit to figure out a workaround.
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    I signed into my old kabam account and now it doesn't let me sign it to my main account with Google play account it just goes into an infinite loading screen
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