Best casual alliance in game for players out there who don’t have time for hardcore alliance.

We only need a few dedicated players to take us to the next level. Not hardcore alliance and don’t want to be. But we do want to be the best casual alliance in game. Plan on being around Tier 3-5 AW and be able to do map 4-5 every week without requiring donations or people having to dedicate their lives to the game. We want people to be just as successful in real life as they are in game. We have players who have been in the highest tier alliances in game, but are too busy to be able to be in hardcore alliances like that. We have the leadership and game knowledge in place already and all we need are dedicated soldiers who let their fighting do the talking. We require LINE but you will not have to worry about reading 100-500 messages everyday. We want people who have earned what they have, not greedy selfish leaches who only care about themselves. These forums are almost worthless for recruiting when you see how unloyal and ungrateful most of the players in this game are. If you understand respect, loyalty, and your word actually means something in real life, than you will understand what we are all about. If you’re just another punk who thinks they know everything, but is really just some idiot, good luck with life. Alliance is open to give anyone a shot who wants to try us out. Just know that if you can’t hold your own, like mouthing off for no reason, or just plain suck, than you’ll end up being kicked like countless dozens in the past. Either you got it or you don’t. Come test yourself. Add fixitmobb for invite to LINE channels if you would like to get a feel for the alliance and see who the real gangsters that run the battle realm are, than check us out. Alliance is open and we need players. Fixit Crime Syndicate. We are perfect for a lot of different types of players. Experienced veterans who have seen it all but do not have time for hardcore alliances, players who are just starting to experience the harder challenges of the game and want to learn and grow more as a player, people who are just here to kick ass and take names in War, and old school real life OGs. We are worldwide and have players from U.S. Europe, Asia, Australia, and more. Most AW/AQ events start around noon pacific standard time, but all time zones are welcome. Join the Mobb and get paid. Put in work and get what’s yours. Freeloading cowards are not welcome here. Death before dishonor. A coward dies a thousand times, a soldier dies but once. Let’s get it.

Fixit Mobb, leader of Fixit Crime Syndicate. Come see what you’ve been missing out on this whole time.

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