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Allow leaders (and officers) to see the members that received penalties (bans)? (similar to ONLINE)

Should leaders and officers be able to see the members that received penalties (bans) for violating Kabam Rules?
It would be a similar functionality to ONLINE marker.
This would offer a chance to leaders/officers to keep a "clean" alliance, free from cheaters of any sort.

Allow leaders (and officers) to see the members that received penalties (bans)? (similar to ONLINE) 19 votes

Allow leader only
heruheru511BajjsbwuqjwFiresteel_BaronAlCapone2727AKTEKCujo999JC_shadow_lurker22 8 votes
Allow leader and officers
DrOctavius2_2mostlyharmlessnSarroythanks4playingDan99NoOnexROElitehunterKobster84Copenhagencx234333 10 votes
No not add this option. Leave the cheaters unknown.
GroundedWisdom 1 vote


  • NoOnexRONoOnexRO Posts: 313 ★★
    Allow leader and officers
    So, only 9 people are really interested in this subject. :)
    I have see hundreds votes to "who should I rank" polls but this one is not that important... I guess.
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