L1 Revives in solo event milestones moving forward

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The common theory for why L1 Revives aren't in solo event milestones anymore is that there isn't enough room to display everything when you include a bonus reward to them (like rift shards). Thus, one reward needed to be removed to make room for the extra reward. This remains a theory because no one from Kabam ever commented on this. Kabam, please comment on this.

The suggestion: moving forward, if the need arises for an extra item to be included in milestones and an existing item needs to be removed to make room, please don't take the L1 Revive away. My suggestion would be to get rid of the 20 3-star shards. I'd even rather give up the 3-star signature stone crystal than lose the L1 Revive again.

Between energy demands being at an all time high (extra long event quest, rift quests, infinity trials) and time commitments being what they are (dungeons are time-consuming, arena is currently the biggest source of gold in the game), it's incredibly difficult to carve out time to try to farm revives on story quest, which still isn't a reliable way to go about getting them. Removing these revives from solo milestones are really alienating Free to Play players.


  • bloodyCainbloodyCain Posts: 582 ★★
    The most notorious theory that I made and believe, is that they wanna dig your pocket money. They tried their sneaky plan but I saw it.

    First, they made Hall of Healing. Yes, it took a little of time to do all difficulties to get revives in there. KABAM thought that will be a great excuse to get rid L1 revive in 22H solo event milestone last month. They replaced it with chaos rift eventhough they can, but they didn't want to, took out the stupid Lesser solo crystal shards instead.
    I called it stupid 'cause it doesn't help much to players progression.
    Yeah yeah, it might helps the beginners but overtime they will also find it stupid and useless.

    Don't forget that last month event quest was hard especially the uncollected mode. Then when complaints came in saying we need the revive back in 22H solo event milestone, you know what they did? They made it up to purchase in the store....by using your money. Sneaky but will not slip from my sight.
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