Thanos is bugged

Just faced the second Thanos and I've noticed he was gaining power from hits and he also overstepped the one bar of power limit. fov4u6gvdh6a.jpg


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    Yeah there is some negative reaction with blade vs thanos on his power gain ability. Noticed it as well
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    benshb wrote: »
    Oh no! People can't faceroll it through with Blade! #nerfthanos

    The machanics are broken...and blade still steam rolls thanos.
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    Agreed. I had the same issues. From the description, he isn't supposed to gain power by getting hit.
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    Yeah, shouldn't happen. It didn't happen against the first Thanos and shouldn't happen with the second. I have also checked Seatin video of his solo fight and he didn't have this issue.
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    Yes but sometimes blade will trigger his danger sense which will mess up thanos effects so its still just rng whether blade activates it and he stops thanos fom doing what he is supposed to or thanos wont have his abilities reduced
  • yeah. you got dangersense on. basically it affected all the percentages.

    do it without GR.
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    OP, can you share the video?
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    @Kabam Miike still waiting for an answer. Are going to fix him or what?
  • Hey there,

    I replied to your inquiry in a different thread. You can see it here:

    Since this is a bug, and that thread is in the correct forum, we're going to be updating that one.
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