Thanos' Magical Hand Switching Gauntlet

Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet is normally on his left hand (as it should be) however, upon defeating you (as he often does) his gauntlet magically switches to his right hand. I guess the Reality Stone must be doing its job?

Left hand:

Right hand:


  • MhykkeMhykke Posts: 400 ★★★
    You should see his infinity socks.
  • djr17djr17 Posts: 457 ★★
    Sometimes you need to switch hands. You know, for variety.
  • Primmer79Primmer79 Posts: 2,746 Guardian
    It's called "The Stranger."
  • MegaSkater67MegaSkater67 Posts: 1,022 ★★★
    It’s probably because the AI we face is a mirror. The same happens with things like Winter Soldier’s arm, Captain America’s shield etc. Since he isn’t playable, they probably put it on the right so that it’ll show on the left when you’re fighting him. But then the victory animation reverts to the normal on the right. Would need to mirror the victory animation too for it to remain on the left.
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