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Factions: Heroes vs Villains

Hi, this is an idea based on other MMO factions systems (ex: World of Warcraft's Horde vs Alliance)

Now i know this might not be feasible right now because i think that among the god-tier and demi-god tier champs, there are more heroes? (I might be wrong) , but maybe this factions idea can be a feature in the future.

The basic idea is that Alliances can choose what faction to align to. For instance, they choose to be in the Villains faction: the effect of this is all villains they use in AQ, AW attack and AW defense gain bonuses (whether that's additional attack, health, etc. it's up to you to decide)

Now another cool aspect of this is we can have "Faction Wars", which might last for an entire year. It has a similar concept to Seasons but now the combined points of all Hero alliances and Villain alliances are compared. Whoever wins gets more rewards. But here's the catch: these rewards can only be claimed if you stayed in the same faction for the entire year. If a year seems too long maybe we can reduce it to 6 months.

Now what about mercenaries you might ask? My idea is since there are so few of them, perhaps they can side with any faction, but get less bonuses than pure hero/villain characters.

And there's so much more that can be done with this system, such as "capture territory mechanics". For instance, the Heroes faction scored higher in Arena combat than the Villains for the 3-day arena combat event. This opens up a special Gold quest exclusive only for players of the Hero faction.
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