2 Tips of Advice On Both Thanos Sp2

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I noticed after studying videos and replaying them over lol i found something that may help

Thanos 1 SP2:

Ability to invert your controls. Now many would focus on the red and green words as they switch from invert to normal controls so they can play safely but i am betting many of you ignored the background color dont worry i too ignored it lol.

Point is when thanos sp2 activates the background color turns dark yellow to which it remains in that state till inverted controls are expired or a hit is landed on thanos so next time remember background turns dark yellow and remains till you either hit thanos or let it expire.

This is a useful tip for anyone who hasnt mastered the inverted controls or just prefer to wait it out tho you better learn fast bc thanos may not always block during inverted state lol.

Thanos 2 SP2:

Ability to create an illusion of energy balls.

I am sure many like myself would just keep swiping back till its over now that is an effective way but also can cause you to evade too early. Key to spotting the 2 real energy balls is all bout the color and its easy to see if you know what to look for.

The real energy balls are 2 solid light blues to which are ones to look for not to mention they are a little bigger while the lighter small darker blues are fakes. Just remember 2 solid light blues mediums are your target.

I hope this helps many who are struggling or practicing before the real fight. These 2 tips of advice should help you slay the mad titan for a bit as we know he isnt quite done with us especially after our betrayal lol.
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