Thanos power gain against blade

Do you have the same issue that Thanos has power gain fighting blade?


  • MrgreenMrgreen Posts: 50
    Happens on uncollected first thanos
    Every hit will give him power even if he has no stone active.
    Don't know how to upload here a video so here is a link:

    No one else with this issue?
  • Whododo872Whododo872 Posts: 1,039 ★★★
    It’s danger sense lowering his ability accuracy, I think
    His method of gaining power is an ability, and danger sense makes it possible for that not to be active, and he just gains power normally like any other champion

    At least, that’s my best guess. Tested it with my 3* blade, and with danger sense active specifically, it does happen sometimes
  • Cats73Cats73 Posts: 314
    Yes it happened to me, I used a s3 and it pushed him to his l3. He was still in his second phase, but he still used it and wrecked me.
  • MrgreenMrgreen Posts: 50
    But there should be no ability accuracy reduction?
    And his description mentioned that there is no way to gain power besides the stones.?
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