Who to R4 Dr. Vodoo Or Morningstar [ 4 star ]

Both are duplicate - signature 20

Please suggest and why , I need him/her for questing and in war attack


  • Whododo872Whododo872 Posts: 1,010 ★★★
    Damage, power control, little bit of regen, and no ramp-up like MS
    Voodoo will take you farther
  • KnightarthusKnightarthus Posts: 419 ★★★
  • Blitzkilla420Blitzkilla420 Posts: 561 ★★★
    dv. double regen since hes duped and his abilities are pretty much guaranteed with his s1,2. also his s3 is the one of the best in the game for long fights or aw.
  • McocBladeMcocBlade Posts: 13
    thanks all of you for ur support
  • xananabananaxananabanana Posts: 495
    edited May 2018
    Voodoo. Get to SP2 on even combo and watch that power burn!
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