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Defenders tweaks

This is because sometimes it's fun to autofight low end content with different champs.
Here's some suggestions:
Defenders synergy: Netflix DD (not OG), LC, IF, Electra, Punisher. Each character gives something that's natural to their character. small % increase in evade, health, etc. Something that's not game breaking but sort of useful. Possibly remove existing synergies for these champs because some make no sense.
LC: No tweak, because he just got improved.
Electra: Probably no tweak, because she's actually overall useful IMO
Punisher: Adjusted sig, add recover 5% health over 5 seconds. Gain fury for XXX for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, he degens 5% health and has fury cool down of 10 seconds. He's a tough SOB, and Netflix makes him almost berserker like right before death. He needs to reflect this. He also needs to die if he doesn't end the fight while boosted.
Netflix DD: I don't actually have him (seems he's on my frequent sell list), but I've seen enough to know his abilities don't seem to trigger the way they should.
IF: I like some of his utility and how the sig lets him stack breaks. What seems to be missing is any effect from his specials. There's none, so it's almost pointless to use them. He has the Iron Fist technique, let s1 cause 2 breaks for 5-10 seconds, let s2 cause 4 breaks for 5-10 seconds, and s3 should armor shatter like Medusa. These breaks could be like Cosmic Spidey, maybe last longer, too. He's a glass cannon and can't take a punch, but he should cause real damage when his fist is lit up.
Thoughts from the other summoners? These champs aren't going away, so may as well make them better.
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