Champs more unresponsive than ever!

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Can we please please please have some kind of indication that y'all are actually trying to fix this other than your "Lag" post?!

I have done the last path of the Challenge this month more times than I can even remember. (At least 30) And no matter what at some point for days now my champs just stop responding. I can go through an entire fight without getting hit. But when it comes to using a TON of resources to combat your, dropped blocks, attacks not registering, to even registering the complete opposite bs!!! I can't take it anymore!!!

9 MONTHS this has been going and it took that long for y'all to even make a forum post to take more clear information on these HUGE CORE ISSUES!!! Years of playing this and never ever ever have I had such a problem with controlling my champs. Even when I had a p.o.s. phone that only had enough memory for this game!

So, more ways to get resources?? Or maybe even a more formal apology from y'all for these issues/what you're doing to fix this problem with the core of the game? Maybe try actually reaching out to the community more to actually put some "investigating" work into this issue? Or do you just not care enough about these core problems to even put forth that effort? Or even admittance to doing this and leaving this a problem for more $$$?!

Whatever it is this needs to be addressed and added to your "known issues" for sure. Stop sweeping it under the rug for $$... makes me sick to put so much time into this game for the company to not care as much as we do...

In August of 2017 all this started and NOTHING has been done or changed, and seems to only be getting worse and worse! If you can't figure it out, where's the compensation till u can? If you're game is just going to be permanently broken due to "lag" too, please let me know so I don't waste another 3 years!
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