Dungeon Troll Countermeasures

There is a major problem with Infinity Dungeons which is ruining my enjoyment of them: The players I wind up getting matched with. It's bad enough when they have a team that is completely unsuitable for the dungeon. Today, in the Mutant/Mystic dungeon, I wound up with a guy whose team consisted of Skill and Cosmic champions. I mean, really? Does this guy even know how to play the game? But even worse, after I almost singlehandedly cleared room 2(all 3 of his guys went down before he could defeat his second opponent, so I had to fight the boss while it still had that side's power-up) he failed to respond at all when I clicked Conclude. He did not click continue, he did not respond in any way. The timer ran down without my partner responding so I lost out on half the points I should have gotten from that dungeon, in addition to doing nothing but sitting watching the screen for 10 minutes as the clock ticked down while my partner had apparently decided to laugh at me for carrying him and then he screws me over instead of collecting the points and thus prevented me from doing the same.

We need some sort of countermeasure for Trolls like this bozo. First: I propose that if a room is completed and you do not click either button before the timer runs out, you get NOTHING. No points, no gold, no reward of any kind because you obviously didn't want it. Second, some sort of protection for the active partner is needed so that if my partner fails to respond before the timer runs out, I can still receive full rewards instead of losing half the points to a troll who just up and vamoosed instead of doing what he wa supposed to do.

Finally, regarding partners with unsuitable teams, when matchmaking we should be able to see the partner's team BEFORE the dungeon begins, with an option to option to cancel if we deem the partner's team to be unsuitable or outright idiotic. Right now the second a match is made, I get dumped straight into the dungeon so if I find my partner's team unsuitable, I'm already committed since quitting at that point would put my Champions on cooldown.


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    I 100% agree with this! I got paired in map 5 dungeon with someone who brought an 8k PI team, around 3k each and they just didnt even try the initial boss at all. I just lost my top tier champs and now I have to go play longer to get more points. this is a darn shame. Level 40 and with a hero rating of 100k, it's a darn shame I got paired with that.
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    The solutions you proposed are problematic in many ways. Being able to cancel means a scrub could also lurk there until someone accepts matching with them. That will mean your match timer is going to be a lot longer with a lot of cancelations. Getting no rewards if you don’t click means if someone gets involuntarily disconnected they lose their earned rewards. Remember you also can exit the room and go do something else if the other person doesn’t click. Getting full rewards instead of half if the partner fails gives room to abuse the system when people outright fail, they can always stop responding or do arrangements runs like run me I run you take turns who stops responding. You have to look at it from all angles.

    That being said, the counter measure is that their champions also go on cool down. The problem is in the matching itself. It should rely on team rating more than the dungeon selected. If you bring a high rated team and get a correct match it is unlikely that the partner is a scrub who doesn’t care about his high rated champions going on cool down.
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    How is it problematic? You can just decline the person you are matched with and no rewards nor anything is lost. You just move on to the next person looking for a match. They can lurk all they want, why would it be okay for them to keep doing this? No one is clicking to start the dungeon so you lose nothing. so idk how the solution is problematic. you just need an additional confirmation screen before proceeding.
  • AnoikisAnoikis Posts: 10
    I brought a 17k team, he brought an 8k team, so the matchmaking does not even correct for this
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    I gave up on the auto match. Have a line chat that is only for dungeon partners. Between that and the alliance/contacts usually enough to find someone suitable. But even Global is better than automatch. At the very least the leader ought to be able to conclude the dungeon for full points. Had the same thing happen. Took out the boss noded and lost the room anyway because auto partner wouldn’t click
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