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crash when start fight

A lot of times the game crash when i start a fight in quest, aq, ecc. and when i restart the game i lose half life of my hero. in aq is very frustating this bug why if i want heal my hero i need to use glory or units
Can fix all the bugs first to add new update that raise the number of bugs ?
If give compensation after that we lose aq for the bugs are useless
@Kabam Miike


  • Killer92Killer92 Posts: 56
    items quest help for the aq potions but we use more potions for heal again the hero and waste the energy used for this quest
    we use energy for potions and potions for bugs......
  • oh yeah, so sick of it.
    but if aq ain't such a big deal (my team is wolverine, x23, hulk, so i can heal my wolv with regen quick enough), then when it's happenin at aw where i ain't got champs with regen - it's so annoyin!
  • Killer92Killer92 Posts: 56
    but i am on nodes with poison and heal block and if lose half life of my immune is a problem
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