7.5 Mil alliance looking for active and skilled players

The Horde is looking for skilled players looking to advance as fast as possible.
Here are a few details to get you started:
About the Alliance:
A 7.5 mil growing alliance
AQ: 55333 currently, will be adding more map 5's as the roster gets better.
AW: Ended last season in gold 2 and because of few bad matchups in the last 2 weeks, we kinda took a big hit on our war rating, but will be back soon. Last season we were in the range of 6-9 tier
Participation a must in AQ and AW, we do not force any minimums but usually hit all the milestones.
SA- usually 20-40% and sometimes 6-20%
Line required, and you need to be active

175k+ rating
A few 5/50's
Fun loving
We do prefer uncollected players

Hit me up on line if this fits you: darkchyld14


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