9.5M+ Ally will have openings after AQ cycle, let's kick names and take...

REIGN is an extremely active, well-organized, and rapidly climbing 9.5M+ alliance looking for up to 6 great additions to progress with us (individuals or small group). Not a rebuilding situation, just gradually replacing those interested in retiring. If you're a great fighter and hungry to keep advancing, we'd love to have you join our fun, lively, & mature group.

• 5x5 expert in AQ (100M+ wkly)
• AW 3x per week, top of Gold 2 last season, likely Gold 1 minimum current season after positive roster changes
• High ranked rewards in SA weekly (6% bracket or better)
• No event mins, but always hit final except for Arena-related (usually t1a in those)
• Discord app for coordination & chat

• Uncollected, active, daily grinder (ideally 4500+ prestige)
• Friendly and communicates well
• Strong fighter, able to clear AQ/AW lanes with minimal deaths/items
• Preferably US timezones (or equivalent)

• In-Game-Name: SWGOH Mos Def
• Discord: mosdef1981#0118
• Line: mosdef1981

Look forward to hearing from you.
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