GAME DOWN May 8 [Merged Threads]



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    Ayushk12Ayushk12 Posts: 153
    Please get the team to check their servers. It keeps showing error connecting to network and shuts down. Whereas everything else works fine. Main evidence being that I can post this on the forum which requires internet connection!!
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    bdawg923bdawg923 Posts: 759 ★★★★
    This is a daily thing now
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    Nickname207Nickname207 Posts: 241
    edited May 2018
    This is a place for anyone who was in the dungeon then can't log in to the game lol.
    Im also mid dungeons :smile:
    Found nothing to do and decided to go here, and now joining you guys :D
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    SpoderSacsSpoderSacs Posts: 11
    Facts we should be compensated those of us in the middle of the dungeon like WTF
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    SligSlig Posts: 357 ★★
    Got disconnected during a fight as well. Nice waste of health potions and a boost.
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    Thecrusher_9756Thecrusher_9756 Posts: 772 ★★★
    edited May 2018
    Whoever the mod is that comes in you can’t come in here defending Kabam again you know it’s getting ridiculous
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    vip662009vip662009 Posts: 32
    Hi team,

    I'm continuously getting that network error msgs although I have only once got disconnected.
    @Kabam Miike
    Device. Moto g5 plus

    OS 7.0

    Game version ezdh3bqthn14.png
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    helloguyshelloguys Posts: 90
    helloguys wrote: »
    Keep merging threads, and deleting comments which speak the truth. That's kabam style. 😁

    They merge Threads because it's their job to keep the Forum organized. Not much to say. Server went down. They'll have it back up I'm sure.

    Bro, they make millions a month. Can they not get better servers? Weekly server crashes are not healthy for this game. Once, twice. It's okay. More than that, you gotta fix this issue.
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    zackb213zackb213 Posts: 84
    This is the second day in a row interrupting dungeons, AQ, and AW. I’m just wondering if we will be getting compensated for these unannounced shut offs?
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    DukeZmanDukeZman Posts: 604 ★★★
    I’ve played dozens of online multiplayer games and never seen a game with so many outages. This is ridiculous! Dungeons ruined. AQ and Wars ruined! wb4qtmlji9c6.png
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    Blitzkilla420Blitzkilla420 Posts: 561 ★★★
    Why is this happening all the time now? I want compensation for this cause enough is enough. Once or twice? Sure! But like several, several times a week to a month? Unacceptable from a company that makes 25 million a damn month! (look it up)
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    hunter2377hunter2377 Posts: 24
    So what are we suppose to do @Kabam?
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    NCB_ptNCB_pt Posts: 291
    Not just today but since Dugeon started, we have always this, we are not completing 100% map5 because of this server downs, we are spending resources and time for nothing.
    We will have compensatinons Kabam??
    Damn Dungeons..
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    YotzYotz Posts: 117
    And at the exact same time. Pretty weird.
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    WebbdogWebbdog Posts: 117
    Yup, I was right in the middle.
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    RehctansBewRehctansBew Posts: 442 ★★★
    Three days in a row right as trials refresh, not a progrAmmer but you may find a correlation there. But hey we will just let my best dungeon team rot and refresh for 48 hours. You guys are worse then the Cleveland Browns! And I didn’t think that was even possible!
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    ZovvoZovvo Posts: 29
    Kabam, please fix these connection issues. As much time as everyone devotes to your game and as much cash that is sent your way from our pockets, we deserve a better product than this. At least let us know that the game will be down for 'X' amount of time. Communication is key in these scenarios! It's these types of situations that are driving away your loyal player base that has stuck through since day 1. I love this game and community but these small issues with no communication on your end needs to stop.
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    PlantesanPlantesan Posts: 335 ★★
    Hey everyone -

    Merged threads together on this matter. We're sorry for the inconvenience this is causing, but please note we are working as quickly as possible to get the game up and running again.

    This is becoming embarrassing...
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    AakashhAakashh Posts: 16
    I am doing dungeons. Who gonna pay..i have to do 3milstones
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    bdawg923bdawg923 Posts: 759 ★★★★
    Mcord117 wrote: »

    At a min would be appreciated and show maybe you care a little that things have been bumpy

    Or maybe I just want the energy refills to finish uncollected...

    hahah good joke bro
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    adknight27adknight27 Posts: 45
    So are we going to get compensated accordingly for missed milestones in dungeon; time taken away in AQ; time taken away in AW. I was in all 3 of these, and I’m gonna struggle to finish. I’m not asking for 5* awakening gem and 5000000 6* shards, just a days worth of what we could potentially miss, I.e a days worth of dungeons mist and dark artifacts etc
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    BowlSheetBowlSheet Posts: 113
    Kabam has decided that this is going to be the new splash screen for next month:7wqd02j2zzhz.png
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    SparkyEnhancedSparkyEnhanced Posts: 20
    I was playing in a dungeon wiv my mate and i was on like room 5 and emergency maintenance popped up. Am i going to lose progression of that dungeon room and lose points?
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    WolfvkWolfvk Posts: 2
    Are going to get compensation for this
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