What's with all the recent game crashes?

rockykostonrockykoston Posts: 750 ★★★
Hi there - Moderaters and fellow Summoners,

I have been noticing that the MCOC application is crashing more and more frequently since the launch of 18.0, and it happens in different parts of the game -

1) Starting an Arena match
2) Moving / Chatting in Dungeons
3) Upgrading Champion

Another thing I have noticed is the missing icons in the fight Arena. Basically, there is no health bar, no power bar, no other icons but the text is displayed such 90% (health remaining). I will get a screenshot as soon as this happens again.

Have you noticed more frequent game crashes since the launch of 18.0, if so please add below (with proof), if possible.

What is going on here? Why are the crashes more prevalent now?
Is there a known fix for this?

I am playing on Android 7.1 - Moto Z play. Thanks!!


  • Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,879 ★★★
    Thank you for submitting this information. It has been passed along to the rest of the team.
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 906
    Yeah, I am noticing this after 18.0 on my iPad. then, with the most recent patch, it only has gotten worse. Everything is updated, and I only play MCOC on it. It crashes right before fights in all avenues of play, during long fights it gets laggy, then crashes, etc. After 18.0 the game would crash every hour or so, now after the patch, it crashes every 30 to 45 minutes...very frustrating.

    Even my older android phone crashed recently. it is laggy, but it has been the reliable play lately. Now, it is crashing as well.
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