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Speaking on behalf of my alliance, I commend Kabam for their recent actions in Alliance wars.

However we’d like a little more clarity in regards to future steps.

We have faced [removed] twice this season, reported them numerous times and deservedly so you have reduced their season points and war rating.

Having done so, I believe we as Legion need our points adjusted accordingly as well. I thought this might be the logical step to take as you have reduced season points from the alliance we faced however this has not happened yet. In fact they are now ranked 110th in the Gold category! Downgraded straight from masters category.

In addition, we should also be receiving the difference of rewards for the 2 lost wars against [removed]

We believe you’ll be doing the right thing in due course however such early days in the season, we’d like to know where we stand.

Many thanks in advance for your attention.



  • Hi there,

    Unfortunately, we cannot adjust the points or rewards for wars against other alliances, even if they have had their points adjusted. There are a number of reasons for this, including some technical limitations, but a big one is that we cannot be sure that if no violations had occurred, your alliance would have won that war.

    Additionally, since Season Scores and Brackets are based on placement, if an Alliance falls below yours, your placement is elevated.

    Please do not name specific users or alliances in our forums. This is a violation of our Forum Rules.
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