Howard's "Junkyard Smackdown" L3 regen not activating against Mutants. [Fix In Progress]

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Howard the Duck when using his L3 special, Junkyard Smackdown, against mutants regen is not activating ever. When using a L3 Howard is supposed to activate regen EVERY TIME against a mutant opponent. I have tried many times against various mutants and it will not proc anymore.

Howard's L3 seems to be activating power gain against Mystic opponents like it's supposed to, I tested that.

I tested against map 5 AQ Cable and Psylocke, no regen. Also dueled various mutants and regen never activated.

It's worth mentioning that his signature ability 'mash all the buttons' regen or thunder quack (% chance at 60% and 30% health) seems to be working fine, and has nothing to do with his L3 abilities.

This is a large part of Howard's strategy and he will be a basic champ in arena soon, so if you guys are not aware of this bug, you will be soon after many grind for him and realize this issue.

Please fix this.

Marcus Unread
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    Hey @MarcusUnread. I'm looking into this right now, and I'll get back to you once I have more info. Thanks!
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    Kabam Wolf wrote: »
    Hey @MarcusUnread. I'm looking into this right now, and I'll get back to you once I have more info. Thanks!

    Thanks Kabam Wolf. I opened a support ticket as well, here's my email to them with more detail if this helps;

    Did you experience any connectivity issues and were you using cellular data or WiFi?
    Did you switch between the two in the session?
    What Champion(s) were you using? Howard the Duck
    What Opponent were you fighting against?
    Was your opponent at full health at the end of the fight?
    What device were you using?
    What OS version were you using?
    What version of the game were you using?

    • I was on wi-fi and experienced no connectivity issues.
    • No I did not switch between wi-fi and data.
    • Howard the Duck
    • Any mutant opponent (see pics)
    • No my opponent was not at full health at the end of the fight because I win!
    • I use an iPhone 6s Plus
    • Latest iOS version; 10.3.2
    • Latest MCOC version; 13.1.1

    I have attached screenshots of Howard against various mutant opponents. I screen capture the L3 animation and then another screen capture of the match right after the L3 finishes. As you can see there is no regen at all. It's also worth mentioning that his CHANCE to armor break on critical hits after a L3 wasn't working either.


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    Kabam WolfKabam Wolf Posts: 1,277 ★★★
    Okay, it looks like the Team was able to reproduce this, and they're looking to have a fix ready in the next release. Thanks so much for the info!
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