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Projectile Heavy Attack Idea

taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062 ★★★
I haven't played Forged to Fight but I know it has a ranged attack mechanic. I think it would be cool to implement a similar mechanic in this game using the heavy attack mechanic. An example could be Hawkeye- change his animation to a 2-part heavy in which the first hit is like an uppercut, and the second part is an arrow shot that has infinite range (just like his sp1 i guess). Bishop could be another example, his heavy attack is already the right kind of animation. The projectile could be evadeable like any other special attack, and it could have abilities like block break or block penetration. The 2-part animation is so that this cannot be exploited; any smart ai would intercept you after the first hit. I think this could be a refreshing new mechanic to champs that typically use weaponry or ranged attacks.
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