Redundant Champs

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I can totally understand that not all champs are created equally, and that there will always be certain champs that are more powerful than others. However, I strongly feel that every champion should have at least 1 defining feature that makes them more worth using than another. For example, Blade is probably always going to be chosen over Karnak, but at least Karnak has some abilities that Blade does not, such as true strike, poison resistance, non-DOT debuff shrugging (that doesn't require high power), and daze.

Now look at Black Bolt. Give me one situation in which you would want to use him over Medusa. Other than the stun on sp1, and cruelty buffs, Medusa literally does everything Black Bolt does, but better. Armor break, fury (which is guaranteed and more potent), long sp2 stun, poison immunity. Add armor shattered, auto block, infinite bleed, and robot killing to that list. It bothers me that there is literally no situation in which Black Bolt could hypothetically be a better choice. Even Kamala Khan has increased block proficiency, if you're into that.

One more example. Compare og black panther (certainly a decent champ, most would agree) and gwenpool. Both do lots of bleed. But gwenpool has a ton of other abilities in addition to that, including incinerate, enervate, armor break, ability accuracy reduction, and plot armor (not to mention higher damage output). I know black panther can have more bleed stacks, but other than that, there is no reason that anyone would choose black panther over gwenpool, given the choice.

What I'm getting at here is not that certain champs are too weak and need to get buffed. I accept that this is going to be a part of the game no matter what. But when one champ's abilities are almost entirely included in another champ's ability set, it pretty much makes that champ redundant. I'm not asking for black bolt to be super op, but at least give him some abilities that don't make him a weaker but exact copy of Medusa...


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    Cosmic class is probably the most redundant and boring class outside of Science class. Poison immunity and fury or some other very plain basic buff.

    Science is usually some debuff or a boring fury buff and some "high base attributes" that can't be countered. Very boring.

    Sure there are some good ones in both of these classes (Hype, Thor, Phoenix, Angela + Rulk, LC, Quake, Void), but it's a LOT of redundant trash in those classes too.

    But you know how it goes, we will just keep getting new champs rolled out while most of these champs remain as-is because they have "high win rates" lol

    At least they took off Black Bolt's sp2 recoil. It used to be "too powerful" LOL
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