Gamora is dated \ Needs Ability Makeover

Hello Kabam

Are there plans of redoing Gamora as a character? I wouldn’t ask but she is no where near the caliber character as almost ever new hero to come out in the last 15 months.

I wouldn’t ask or make this request, but you guys have her in the 6* Crystal for some reason and I was one of the unfortunate players to get her.

Even if maybe you removed her God Slayer from only being used “Once per fight” that would make a difference, other than that, she’s terrible and needs a major makeover.

At least characters like Spider-Man have evade and Cap has Block Profficiency, she has nothing that would allow a player to progress in the game. No niche, and if she misses with God Slayer, she has nothing special about her. Even her bleed ability is amazingly weak for a 6*.

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