4 * Rank up !!

Sai_7Sai_7 Posts: 246
I currently have 4* Captain Marvel (Awakened at LVL 20) in Rank 4 max.
I have the resource to rank up another 4 * from Rank 3 to Rank 4 .

Listed below are the 4* Champions in Rank 3 Max

Awakened Champions :
  1. Hyperion (LVL 20)
  2. Dormammu (LVL 16)
  3. DareDevil (Classic) (LVL 16)

Non-Awakened Champions :
  1. Wolverine
  2. Wolverine X23
  3. Quake
  4. Punisher
  5. Abomination
  6. Magik
  7. Moon Knight
  8. Gamora
  9. Black Bolt

(Back up 3 * Rooster at Max : Guillotine, Star Lord, Spiderman (Classic), Venom, Cyclops (Xavier School - Red) & Joe Fix it)

Looking to work through ACT 4 Chapter 2 midway & Road to the Labyrinth Chapter 3.
I am active in AQ, AW & Arena.

I am inclined on Ranking up Wolverine X23 or Wolverine !!
Who is better on the above list to Awaken.

I have 2 4* crystals, hoping to open a Guillotine or Star Lord or Scarlet Witch or Dr.Voodoo

Please Advice!!


  • DarkArrow07DarkArrow07 Posts: 109
    Dormammu since he is strong and awakened and has pretty sweet specials. Second choice is Moon Knight. He's a beast once you get him ranked up and dupped.
  • Sai_7Sai_7 Posts: 246
    you would pick them over Wolverine and X23?
  • DarkArrow07DarkArrow07 Posts: 109
    Undupped compared to dupped, absolutely. If Wolverine was dupped then it would be him but he's not. As for Moon Knight I would pick him over X-23. I have mine ranked and he's great. The bleed damage and stun I get from him is amazing. X-23 has the regen perk that Moon Knight doesn't but its not enough of a difference for me since she doesn't have the stun perk.
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