Looking for 2 to join (free Map) 9.3m alliance at 4:45p ET / 1:45p PT today

We are a friendly, laid-back alliance looking for 2 new players to join our quirky little family after this war (at 4:45pm ET/ 1:45pm PT -- but your actual time-zone isn't important, we are an international group). We are mostly adults who understand that a healthy life involves a work-play balance.

We mostly do Maps 2 and 3, so no donations are necessary. We have decided to use existing treasury funds to run one Map 4 every other week.

We expect you to be able to log in and participate in AQ/AW a few times a day.

We scored in Gold 3 bracket last season.

BGs are assigned, but paths are not (looking for someone who understands the logistics of working together and earning max exploration).

We have line (find me: SillyCaitlin).

SA Target is 350k weekly. We usually earn 41-70% rewards. We don’t keep strict weekly minimums, as long as you usually contibute about 10,000. We understand some weeks are busier than others.

We are all officers. It works because we work well together.

Must be 200k+ (or have a lot of 5/5 4*s or 3/5 5*s)

Must be able to complete paths most of the time. We understand everyone gets KOed occasionally and will never pressure you to spend real money, but are looking for people skilled enough to be able to (generally) get through most AQ/AW paths.

Find me on line: SillyCaitlin if you are interested. Let me know your in-game name or send me a pic of your profile.


  • SillyCaitlinSillyCaitlin Posts: 431
    Should have also mentioned we are currently in Gold 3 tier, pushing for Gold 2 (Gold 3 last time). War rating is currently 1001, but will go up in a few hours because we have this one won.
  • SillyCaitlinSillyCaitlin Posts: 431
    We are looking for one member again to replace a long time member who has decided to take a break from the game.

    Send me a line message: sillycaitlin
  • SillyCaitlinSillyCaitlin Posts: 431
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